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Welcome to C2 Cyber Ltd Vendor Risk Management portal

We live in a world where suppliers, vendors, customers and clients are increasingly digitally connected, exchanging information and services that are critical to their survival. It is not surprising that this is also seen as an opportunity by the malicious. Information can be stolen and sold; it can be changed to achieve their own evil ends; or it can be removed and held to ransom. Or critical business systems can be disrupted and interfered with.

Our clients are asking themselves "What level of risk do my suppliers expose me to?"

C2 Cyber's COBRA platform and managed service goes beyond answering that question

We help them to both undertand their risk and also collaborate with their suppliers to reduce it

Over time this enables our clients to say "I know my risk and trust my suppliers!"

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C2 Cyber Limited


C2 Cyber Ltd is a cyber security business offering both consultancy and managed services. Our core focus is on enabling our clients businesses and people to achieve their objectives with minimal disruption. Security should be about enabling flexibility, not imposing suffocating control.


COBRA is C2 Cyber’s revolutionary managed service that helps our clients to understand and manage information risk in their supply chains at scale. Using a combination of open source intelligence, direct engagement with suppliers, advanced analytics, and the knowledge of security experts we provide our clients with the information they need to take action.


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